Facebook now introduces new tools to help you get over your ex!

We all love to post selfies when we’re in a relationship. But what happens when things turn sour and one can no longer stand the posts or comments emanating from their partner’s account? Well Facebook has come to the rescue of those who have been through a break up, by enabling tools that will let you avoid your partner entirely (if need be) the next time you log on to the social networking website.

Users who recently changed their relationship status soon see a prompt that will guide them (if they wish to) about how to use the new tools. The new breakup tools (that can be accessed from your smartphone as well) will allow a user who has gone through a rough patch to “take a break” by simply blocking all notifications (comments, posts, updates) from your partner. Another tool allows you to visit your partner’s account only if you wish to.

How are these tools different? Well, Facebook allows you to accomplish all of the above without having to unfriend or block them, so yes, your ex will not know about your filters.

The tools also let you work the other way round, by reducing your own visibility on Facebook for your partner. Your new posts will be hidden to him/her but more importantly, even your past posts can be hidden from your ex who may be keeping an eye on you.

For now, the tools are only rolling out for Facebook users in the US and there’s no word about when they will be enabled for users worldwide.


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