Filipina Entrepreneur shortlisted to join Mars One mission

Filipina entrepreneur Jaymee del Rosario is one of two Filipinas in the final 100 selection to join the “Mars One” project, a mission which intends to send humans on a oneway trip to Mars to colonize the planet, it was announced Friday during a press conference in Quezon city, Manila.

More than 200,000 candidates applied but the group was whittled down to 100, selecting 50 men and 50 women from all over the world who would receive a one way ticket to Mars.

Two Filipinos, both women, are among those selected to maybe set foot on Mars as part of a project of the Netherlands based nonprofit organization “Mars One” which seeks to colonize the planet by 2027. The Mars One crews consist of people who want to permanently settle on the red planet.

Jaymee Del Rosario, 28, explained her motivation saying, “I want to offer my life experience, knowledge and skills to the Mars One team to achieve the goal for preserving humanity.”

Del Rosario, who lives in Long Beach, California, founded “International Metal Source” in 2009. The company distributes metals and composites to the aerospace, space, defense and commercial industries around the world.

“Mars One” plans to send a rover and communication satellite to Mars by 2020 to scout an area to settle. The organization plans to start sending a total of 24 people, in groups sent in two year intervals, to build and expand the Mars colony.

The young entrepreneur is not afraid of the space voyage and says, “I am an entrepreneur who thrives to constantly come up with ideas and I am a risk taker.”


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