How Color Affects Buyers and your brands impact

How colors affect buyers and your brand’s impact

Color is a fundamental and often overlooked marketing tool that can drastically affect a brand’s impact.

In fact, research shows that up to 62 to 90 % of a person’s subconscious judgement of a person, place or thing is based on color alone.

Every color has associated meaning and a list of certain emotions or triggers different responses.

Red – Energy, Passion
Orange – Optimism, Enthusiasm
Yellow – Fun, Intellect
Green – Nature, Acceptance
Blue – Truth, Inner Peace
Violet– Artistic

Color & marketing

When marketing new products, it is crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping.

Take into consideration how senses can affect buyers.

1% sound/smell
6% texture
93% visual appearance

85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a product.

15% other
85% color

Color & Types of consumers

Color also has the unique ability to attract specific types of shoppers and change shopping behaviors

Type of Shopper it attracts

Red & Orange
Attracts Impulse Shoppers
These buyers usually go to

  • Clearance Sales
  • Outlet malls
  • Fast food

Royal Blue & Navy Blue, Teal
Attracts Shoppers on a Budget
These are customers who go to

  • Banks
  • Large Dept Stores

Pink, Sky blue & Rose
Attracts Traditional buyers
These are customers who frequent

  • Clothing stores

Color and Branding

Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.

Overall design

For many online shoppers, poor website navigability and poor overall design are the reasons they choose not to purchase from a particular website.

Key factors to consider when choosing your brand colors.

Demographic or Region
Many places in the world have different meanings for different colors.
Color is one of the most powerful methods of design. However, it is not entirely universal. Colors that entice in North America are different from those that entice in India.

Colors that Affect North American online shoppers.

Yellow – Optimistic and youthful often used to grab attention of window shoppers.

Red – Energy increases heart rate, creates urgency often seen in clearance sales.

Blue – Creates the sensation of trust & security often seen w/ banks & businesses.

Green – Associated w/ wealth the easiest color for the eyes to process used in stores to relax.

Orange – Aggressive creates a call to action: subscribe, buy or sell.

Pink – Romantic and feminine used to market products to women & young girls.

Black – Powerful and sleek used to market luxury products.

Purple – Used to soothe and calm often seen in beauty or anti-aging products.

Colors that your competitor is using
Use color that is opposite for you to stand out and represent your own brand.

Colors that best suited your industry, Characteristics of your products.

Colors that best represents your brand’s personality
Color is not just something to make us look good, it has something that has meaning and it should be chosen carefully and wisely .

Do you have any experience using color?

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