How To Use Reddit

How To Use Reddit For Newbies

How To Use Reddit For Newbies

These are some of the topics we will cover:

1. How to open an account on reddit
2. Whats on reddit?
3. How can I use reddit?
4. How video creators can use reddit.
First go to and click the link at the top right of the page that says, “create an account in seconds” create a username, setup a recovery email address, then enter your password and verify your password. Then just fill in the captcha and you are done.

Note: When you first create a reddit account you will be limited in what youy can do. New users are not trusted immediatly on reddit. Keep in mind, that your account is limited to begin with. When getting started on reddit, just subscribe to sub reddits in your niche or things that intrest you. Post comments and get to know people. You have to be active and comment on things if you really want to reap the benefits of reddit. Interact and upvote other peoples links that you find interesting.

If you are a content creator, and submit a lot of links, you will want to have several accounts because its very common to get your account banned.

Basically when submitting links, You want to get upvotes. The more upvotes the more viral your link has become.

Sample of submitting a video link:
1) Go to
2) Create a catchy title for your link
3) Copy and paste the link to the video that you would like to share
4) Fill out the captcha and submit

If there is no thumbnail image next to the link, it means it has not yet been approved. If the link appears and then disapears, your link has probably been listed as spam.

Whenever you visit any sub reddit, on the right hand side of the page you can see how many community members subscribe to the sub reddit how many are active now and below that in the sidebar you can see the rules and information about the sub reddit.

If you join a sub reddit, try to become active and interact by commenting and asking questions. Build comment karma by commenting.

On reddit everyone tends to agree with one another, this is referred to a “circle jerking”.

On reddit you will find images and content about nearly anything you can imagine. Anyone can use reddit to submit new content and images that can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog.

If you have any tips or suggestions on how to use reddit we would love to hear from you.

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