Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps: Get The Best Remote Personal Assistant With Our Reliable Virtual Assistant Services.

Virtual office temps offer you a cost-effective solution to accessing skilled temporary part time or full time virtual assistants. In the modern world, business is no longer restricted to the in-office environment. Instead, we’re seeing a trend where employees are being outsourced to work remotely, thereby cutting costs associated with hiring people on a permanent basis. This is very advantageous because businesses won’t be forced to pay for expensive infrastructure and equipment and other assets needed for your in-house employees.
Many of the top virtual assistant companies offer part time virtual office temps as well as full time virtual office temps. At IDX Web Designs you can contract virtual office temps to fill in during your busy season or as a temporary replacement while your in-house staff are on leave. Whatever the reason, at IDX Web Designs, you can hire virtual office temps to work full time permanent, full time temporary or part time temporary for as low as ONLY $100 per week part time. (Just contact us for more pricing details)

How Can IDX Web Designs Help Increase Your Business Profits?

Hiring virtual office temps (VOT) is much cheaper than hiring in house staff, either full time or part time. When you work with IDX Web Designs all staff are contracted to work as independent contractors. (Self employed) Wages are also set through negotiation and depend on your requirements and budget.
Hiring remote staff through IDX Web Designs gives you total flexibility over who you hire and for how long you hire them. IDX Web Designs temps have verified skills and qualifications. This means you won’t be surprised by what your Virtual Assistant can do and what they can’t do. Starting out, you will interview and pick a virtual assistant from our database of talent. You can choose from a full time or a part time virtual assistant. So if you have a project that only requires only 1 or 2 part time staff, we are ready to help. Best of all, you have the freedom to personally pick the person you want to hire. This gives you total control over the choice of skills and qualifications you want.(Minimum 20 hours per week)

Other benefit of Hiring a Remote Personal Assistant from IDX Web Designs is IDX Web Designs provides workstations, DSL, LTE 4G high speed internet connection and emergency backup generator. IDX Web Designs provides a controlled work environment to host your virtual staff and we also monitor attendance and provide you direct contact with our office management VIA Skype.

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