The End of Snapchat Sexting?

Will Snapchat update be the end of sexting?

The new Snapchat update allows users replay and screenshot short snaps by paying a small fee. But, the self-destructing nature of the Snapchat pictures is what makes this app so popular.


The Snapchat app has created a buzz with its new update, which includes new filters that make you look like a freaky vampire, or like you have a giant rainbow tongue. However, the other new feature could scare off many users, especially users who are sexting. This new update lets users pay to replay ‘snaps’ and screenshot them. (A snap is a picture that last for a few seconds then immediately self-destruct)

Snapchat is hugely popular for sexting, because you can send a naked photograph of yourself to your “friend” and you don’t have to worry that it won’t end up on Facebook, because it will self destruct in a matter of seconds.

In the past some Snapchat experts have recommended snaps below the 3-second mark are safe unless your friend has exceptionally fast fingers. But, now, people who want to save the photos can pay to replay and screenshot them.

This looks to be a very risky move for Snapchat and they could lose users and popularity based on the fact that the majority of Snapchat users are people in their teens and twenties. These young adults and teens could be persuaded to send a sexy image of themself only to later find out the person they sent the snap to, paid $.99 to replay the snap, screenshot it and then shared it online.

Will people stop sexting on Snapchat?

Lets face the facts, sexting is one of the main reasons young people use the this app. It may seem strange to older generations, but many say that sexting is pretty much what the app was designed for. Quick, accessible, easy-to-use technology to meet people for sexting with no worries about your naked snaps. It was perfect for sending pictures you’d otherwise be nervous about sending. But when users wise up to this new feature, they may stop using this app for sexting.

This may leave a massive hole in the app world for sexting users.
Snapchat sexting doom has already been coming for a while, since the creation of other apps in the App Store which allow you to hack Snapchat and save photos people send to you.
Unfortunately, some people are not trustworthy and will gladly share your snaps. So, if you would not send someone a picture of yourself naked, don’t send them a snap either.

Are you a Snapchat user? What do you think about this update?

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