Worst Passwords of 2015 has been revealed

Many people do use weak passwords for them to remember easily without knowing that these can effortlessly be cracked by hackers resulting to security breaches.

The SplashData, a password management firm, has released yearly list of the 25 worst passwords. The process of collecting is based on more than 20 million passwords globally that were leaked over the last year.

Based on the list, the “123456”, and “password” again lead as the most commonly used passwords, as they have since SplashData’s first list in 2011.

Below are the most common used password seen in 2015

  1. 123456
    2. password
    3. 12345678
    4. qwerty
    5. 12345
    6. 123456789
    7. football
    8. 1234
    9. 1234567
    10. baseball
    11. welcome
    12. 1234567890
    13. abc123
    14. 111111
    15. 1qaz2wsx
    16. dragon
    17. master
    18. monkey
    19. letmein
    20. login
    21. princess
    22. qwertyuiop
    23. solo
    24. passw0rd
    25. Starwars

A senior industry analyst for digital transformation at research firm Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific, Mr. Charles Lim, said that “it is also important for organizations to have strong database security. Their password database can be hacked into, and the information sold to criminals”.

According to SplashData there are ways to create stronger ones that can prevent hack-attacks on your accounts. First, is to create passwords that are 12 characters long, and contain different types of characters such as letters and numbers. Second, user should change passwords often, it’s better to have different passwords for different accounts.

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